PASHA – Fine dining with a warm welcomehalal food

See our awesome menu with a variety of choice. We mainly serve Turkish and Mediterranean food, Halal, Shawarma, Turkish delight, snacks, tea & coffee; but also come with food from other culture like Pizza, Paste, Vietnamese Pho, etc.

Our Halal food is made from the finest recipes, imported around the world. Our staffs are well trained and masters of their crafts. Drop by, and try our food today.

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Still wondering what to eat? See some of our featured food below.

Signature Beverage


A beautiful selection to get your mouth watering


Homemade Turkish flatbread

Breakfast All Day

Pasha Turkish Style all day breakfast


Corbalar - Homemade fresh daily soup

Turkish Bread

Fresh baked Turkish breads


A beautiful selection to get your mouth watering

Easy To Eat Vegetarian


Turkish Pizza

Pideler Easy To Share

Italian Pasta

Light & Healthy Salads